Dear patients,

During your next visit to the clinic, you will see that new preventive measures have been implemented to adapt our practice and to welcome you in surroundings that are safe for you and for our team members. These measures are part of the new health standards recommend by the Ordre des dentistes du Québec, the Institut national de santé publique du Québec and the Quebec department of health and social services. The clinic intends to apply these standards fully.

The new procedures, set out below, may be found on our Facebook page as well as at, a website offered by the Ordre des dentistes du Québec. On that site, you can watch a video produced by the Federation of Dental Specialists of Quebec titled “The New Normal at the Dentist.” The new preventive measures the clinic is applying will slow the pace of our activities, reducing the number of patients we can serve each day. We therefore urge you to contact us as soon as you can to be sure of getting an appointment at an early date.


Useful information for your next visit


  • Appointments can be made only by telephone.
  • You will be asked beforehand to complete a questionnaire on your current health status by phone or email to be sure that you are not showing any Covid-19 symptoms. It is very important to provide honest answers to the questions about your health.

  • Appointments will be assigned in keeping with physical distancing rules (two metres or more) in the waiting room.
  • Plan on bringing a sweater to keep warm. Our new air filtration devices may make our rooms cooler.



  • You will be asked to arrive at the exact time of your appointment. Contact the secretary when you arrive outside using your cellphone, if possible. Otherwise, use the intercom located in the cloakroom (the main access door will be locked at all times).
  • When you arrive, you will be asked to wash your hands with a disinfectant gel. You are strongly urged to wear a mask or face shield (if necessary, we can provide you with one).
  • You will be asked again to answer a questionnaire on your health to be sure that you have no Covid-19 symptoms. A member of the dental team will take your temperature using a non-contact thermometer.
  • You will be asked to comply with the rules for keeping your distance from other patients and clinic staff, whether in the waiting room or on your way to the examination room.
  • Anyone accompanying you must remain outside the clinic. However, someone accompanying a child, a person with limitations or an elderly person will be allowed on the premises subject to certain conditions. Accompanying persons must answer a health questionnaire and must be free of Covid-19 symptoms. They must wash their hands and remain more than two metres from the treatment area. If they have to approach the treatment area, they will be asked to wear a mask or face shield.
  • As much as possible, try to avoid using our toilet facilities, which we cannot disinfect between each use.


Your dentist is a professional who is accustomed to practising in an environment that meets high standards of asepsis and infection control. In the current context, you can rest assured that the dental team will disinfect the treatment rooms in keeping with these standards.

  • When you enter the treatment room, you will be asked to place your personal items (cellphone, keys, handbag, etc.) in a bin. Please keep the items you bring with you to a minimum.
  • Prior to treatment, you will be asked to rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash for one minute.
  • When you leave the treatment room, you will be asked to disinfect your hands and to wear your mask or face shield on your way out of the clinic.


  • A protective screen has been installed at the reception desk to protect patients and employees.
  • If you are covered by an insurance plan, the information will be taken on site. When you are paying the fees, electronic means of payment (credit or debit cards, etc.) are preferred.


  • If you experience signs or symptoms resembling those of Covid-19;
  • If you have been in contact with individuals who have suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19 or who may have travelled outside the country recently:


You must contact us as soon as possible to postpone your appointment until a later date.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 450 433-9440.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The team of Clinique dentaire Brunet, Pomplun et Phung